English as a Second Language (ESL)


The city of Norwich has about 52 different nationalities. Most of the international population is drawn t the city because of employment by the two large casinos. Cornerstone International Church is in the heart of the city. We saw the need to reach out to our international friends.

Two years ago we hosted a ESL training at Cornerstone where Deshni and I were trained to facilitates English classes. We are now reaping the benefit of theses classes.

Whilst ministering at one of our proclamation points this summer, we came across of group of Tibetans. A relationship sparked with the leader of the group. He expressed a need for his people to learn English. They work at the casino hotels in housekeeping. Learning English will help them get a better job. We realized that God had opened a door.

Three months ago, we began to teach 35 adults basic English and citizenship classes. The classes are held at our church, and relationships built. We invited the group and their families to our thanksgiving dinner, and 52 Tibetans attended with their traditional outfits. I asked the leader to share about the struggles in his home country, and we had the opportunity to publicly pray for Tibet. We are currently planning a Christmas party for the children of the church, and the Tibetans are now apart of our Cornerstone community. 

I met with the general manager of the Hyatt hotel in town. I shared about the English classes that are being taught at church and how the Tibetans are improving in their English and how it is helping them at their jobs to communicate and understand instructions. He was excited to hear what we are doing. He shares that he will consider our class to be a feeder for house keeping employment at the Hyatt. We continue to teach vocabulary focused on house keeping and the hotel industry.

Every town and city has hotels. Did you notice the amount of internationals working in housekeeping? ESL is a great way to reach out to these internationals.

ESL Classes are held at Cornerstone International Church;

169 Franklin Street. Norwich, CT 06360
Monday: 6:00pm – 8:00pm (Naturalization classes)
Thursday: 6:00pm – 8:00pm (Basic English)