City Café - 10: 15am
Grab a steamy hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate for absolutely free at our café. Dunkin Donuts are always a favorite. Great start to the morning.
Worship Celebration - 11: 00am - 12:30pm
Sunday morning is our main celebration gathering of the week with full programming for children up to 5th grade. Our worship gathering runs for about and hour and a half, and is a time of worship through music and singing, prayer and a time of teaching. Our teaching time is lead by Pastor Shaun Pillay and runs approximately 35mins.
City Kids Church
During the teaching time, our kids (up to grade 5) are dismissed to City Kids Church, lead by our trained and friendly staff and volunteers. Kids head to their designated areas were they are securely checked in and ready to have a time of fun and learning.

What To Expect
Walking into a new place can be awkward. And we get it.
So here is a little about what you can expect at Cornerstone City Church. If you have any questions before attending, please do not hesitate to email us at cornerstonenorwich@gmail.com or give us a call at (860) 208- 1205.

What To Wear
We dress very casual at Cornerstone City Church, so please be comfortable.

Need A Ride?
Should you need a ride, please do not hesitate to call our deacons. Our Cornerstone City Van will get you. Give us a call at (860) 208 1205
Please call a day in advance.
TUESDAYS - 6: 30pm - 8: 00pm
Tuesday nights is a time of Bible study and prayer over coffee and around tables. Our teaching and discussion times are lead by Pastor Shaun and the deacons at Cornerstone City. We encourage discussion times, as well as Q&A.
We also offer Men and Women Bible studies on every alternate Tuesday nights
There is no childcare offered for these gatherings.
SATURDAY PRAYER & DEVOTION - 8: 00am - 9: 00am
We invite you to join us for prayer & devotion on Saturday mornings. 
We don't want lack of transportation to prevent you from  joining us.
If you are in need of a ride  for Sunday service, Tuesday bible study or Saturday prayer please call  (860) 639-1125 ( Please call 4 hours in advance)